Packaging Design Trends that will blow up in 2021

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Packaging Design Trends that will blow up in 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought that you have an awesome product, but, it’s not
selling well?
If Yes, and you want to explore this answer, then here is the clarity of your question. Your product is not
performing well due to packaging design which is overlooked and outdated despite one of the best
products in the town.
This clearly shows how product packaging is vital for your product sale. Because, today consumers want
to sense and feel the packaging, before the purchase of the product itself.
The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the packaging industry and we figured that packaging designs
are more essential than ever before. Since packaging design is not just a selling tool, in fact, it also helps
you to generate leads.
Additionally, e-commerce business models open multiple avenues for you to rock in the e-commerce
world. According to the survey, it is estimated that global e-commerce market sales will hit $4.9 trillion
by the end of the year, 2021. Learn how on-demand solution support packaging business:
Consumer buying habits are changing with each passing day. So, we speculate on some of the trending
packaging designs that will not only rule the packaging industry but also help you to align your design
with what consumers crave.
Let’s dig in below:
06 Trends that will fly off the Shelves in 2021

  1. Vintage packaging
  2. Flexible packaging
  3. Creative Storytelling
  4. Transparent Window Packaging
  5. Personalized packaging
  6. Minimalist Packaging

Vintage Designs:
Vintage designs rule the realm of the packaging industry these days. From color tones to the sensation
of products, vintage designs stir up nostalgic aesthetics. From hand soaps to lotions, from candies to ice
creams, and from toothpaste to electronics, everything is taken by vintage imagery, which impels consumers to choose products that are wrapped in vintage designs. In simple words, “what is old is new
again” is a trend for today’s consumers. This is the perfect marketing tactic to connect your brand closer
to your target audience. Irrespective of your age, vintage packaging holds today’s consumer attention.
For the older crowd, vintage packaging associates them to their past, and for the younger crowd, it
instigates curiosity. So it’s an ideal call to opt for this opportunity with Print-on-demand solutions.

Flexible packaging
Flexible packaging is a new buzzword in the packaging industry, where products are covered up with
non-rigid materials, which are not only economical but highly efficient with customizable options.
Today consumers demand more sustainable packaging because they are committed to protecting the
environment. This Push towards a “healthy Environment and Healthy Economy” becomes the driving
force for flexible packaging growth.
Flexible packages are specifically useful for those industrial vertical which requires multifaceted designs
covering, such as beverage and food products, personal care products, and pharmaceutical products.
Many top brands spent millions of dollars to achieve their sustainable goals, so, in this fast-paced
environment, if you don’t want to be left behind, then modernize your offerings with sustainable
materials. This is a convincing and conclusive argument for adopting print-on-demand flexible

A package that speaks some story:
We live in an era where the brand story is a key ingredient of successful marketing strategy. The role of
story-telling is to drive your audience’s attention through a consistent narrative that enhances
engagement with your brand and with your products.
Likewise, you can also tell a story through your product packaging designs, which may be either through
your history, your promise, your logo, your mission, and much more.
The color scheme is also playing a dominant role here. Usually, colors are used in a fun way to express
your brand’s story, so, if your product is targeted to youngers, opt for bright colors and designs, and if
your product is targeted to elders, use light and sober colors, this will portray your message to the target
audience in a better way. Grab this weave to tell a tale around your brand through creative packaging

Transparent Window Packaging
Transparent window packaging takes the designing trend to the next level and becomes the source of
attention for consumers. It ensures the visual authentication of the product which is a vital element for
consumer perception. See-through packaging not only helps the customer to have a window look at the product, but it also
allows the brands to create an aura of the proper condition of the product even after the shipment
It is expected that the transparent packaging business sector would continue to develop driven by the
buyer’s requirement for visual verification of the item.

Personalized packaging
The product packaging outlook is continuously evolving, if you don’t follow the hot fuss trends, then it
majorly affects your business profitability.
In recent years, brands haven’t relied only on traditional advertising. They go beyond doing things to
stay relevant in the market. Today, there has been a developing need to keep a brand’s situating new,
inventive, and eye-getting to draw in new and existing clients. Packaging personalization is a trend that
attracts the eye of customers to set themselves apart from the competition.
As personalized products are anticipated as greater value products than usual packaging products. And
its undeniable tailored packaging assists you to add a personal touch that will make an emotional
connection with your customer. So grab this opportunity with custom print-on-demand solutions.

Minimalist Packaging
Minimalist packaging is a design of simplicity and elegance which maintains the right balance between
sustainability concerns and chic aesthetics. The slogan of minimalism is to “exclude non-essential
things.” As the world around us becomes more complex and consumers preference those designs which
are sustainable and environmental-friendly.
Thus, minimalism in packaging design gives you an inspirited and focused design that fetches your brand
image in a clean, clear, and concise way. Furthermore, minimalist packaging designs also save your
money, because this packaging design eliminates waste as much as possible. And it’s high time for brand
managers to reduce the cycle time for your package customization.
Minimalist packaging is a hot-fuss trend that has been growing in recent times and is expected to
continue. So fueled your minimalist movement with print-on-demand solutions that represent the sense
of transparency and honesty.

Over to You
It’s a wise saying that “One-design doesn’t fit for all”.
Whether you’re in the packaging industry or any other business vertical, you must consider consumer
personal preferences to get the best possible results.
Today, every business wants one best shot to establish a remarkable impression, and to achieve this
goal, custom packaging is the only option to have an enduring impact on your target audience. Normally, a nice-looking product packing works well for your business, but if a similar box has
fascinating symbolism imprinted on it, this will uplift your brand value.
Additionally, custom packaging can be a great asset to boost your brand efficiency. So, whatever your
industrial vertical is, we can offer you tailored print-on-demand solutions that work for you and makes
your workflow more efficient.
Just leave us a comment below or contact us at We will get back to you with
the best-suited solutions to your business requirements.

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