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Selfie Cookies – Customised E-commerce Solutions by Uforia Infotech


Selfie Cookie is an innovative online store that allows customers to order personalised cookies with edible images of their choice.

The company aims to offer a unique and delightful experience to its customers by combining technology and creativity. As the demand for personalised products grew, Selfie Cookie realised the need to revamp their e-commerce platform to cater to a larger audience and enhance their user experience.


Our solution

Outdated Platform: The existing e-commerce platform lacked the required customization features which limited customer choices and satisfaction.
Customised E-commerce Platform: Uforia Infotech developed a new, feature-rich e-commerce platform, allowing customers to easily upload, crop, and preview their images on the cookies. An intuitive user interface made the customization process smooth and engaging.
Performance Issues: High website traffic led to slowdowns and occasional crashes, affecting user experience and conversion rates.
Scalable Architecture: Uforia Infotech implemented a scalable infrastructure, enabling the website to handle increasing traffic without performance issues. This ensured a seamless browsing experience for users, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Order Management Complexity: Handling custom orders and ensuring timely delivery posed logistical challenges for the company.
Automated Order Processing: Uforia Infotech integrated an automated order processing system that streamlined order fulfilment. This simplified the handling of custom orders, reducing manual errors and speeding up delivery times.
Technology Integration: Seamless integration with the printing technology lacked which was essential to streamline the production process.
Technology Integration: Uforia Infotech seamlessly integrated the website with Selfie Cookie's printing technology, enabling real-time image transfer and swift production of customised cookies.


With the help of Uforia Infotech’s customised e-commerce solutions, Selfie Cookie achieved significant improvements:
Enhanced Customer Experience: The user-friendly platform with advanced customization options delighted customers, resulting in increased business and positive reviews.
Improved Performance: The scalable infrastructure ensured a stable and fast website, reducing bounce rates and contributing to improved SEO rankings.
Efficient Order Management: The automated order processing system streamlined operations, leading to faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction.
Business Growth: With the enhanced website and smoother operations, Selfie Cookie experienced significant business growth and expanded their market share. The revamped platform allowed them to cater to a larger audience and attract customers from various demographics.
Streamlined Production: The seamless integration of the website with their printing technology significantly reduced production time and increased the overall efficiency of the process. This led to a quicker turnaround time for personalised orders, impressing customers with the swift delivery of their custom cookies.
Competitive Advantage: With the cutting-edge e-commerce platform developed by Uforia Infotech, Selfie Cookie gained a competitive edge in the market. The unique customization capabilities and responsive designs set them apart from their competitors, positioning them as a top choice for personalised edible treats.
Increased Revenue: The improved user experience and efficient order processing resulted in a notable increase in sales and revenue for Selfie Cookie. Customers were more inclined to make repeat purchases, further contributing to the company’s overall financial growth.
Future Growth Prospects: With the robust foundation provided by Uforia Infotech’s solutions, Selfie Cookie is well-equipped to handle future growth and expansion. As they continue to innovate and refine their offerings, they are poised to capture a larger market share and solidify their position as a leader in the personalised edible products industry.
In conclusion, the collaboration between Selfie Cookie and Uforia Infotech resulted in a successful transformation of the e-commerce platform. Uforia Infotech's customised solutions addressed Selfie Cookie's requirements and challenges, leading to improved customer experiences, streamlined operations, and significant business growth. Selfie Cookie's continued success in the market is a testament to the power of tailored e-commerce solutions provided by Uforia Infotech and the value of strategic partnerships in driving digital transformation and market competitiveness.

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