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Uforia InfoTech provided innovative solution for Bank Marketing Center


Bank Marketing Center is a platform that empowers users with complete control over their marketing production materials related to banking services.

Uforia Infotech with its expertise in web design, social media planning and marketing, inventory/database systems, and much more was approached to build, deploy, and maintain a video editor tool on top of the current BMC WYSIWYG editor for Bank Marketing Center.


Our solution

Lack of video/animation editor tool: Bank Marketing Center had a BMC WYSIWYG editor which lacked a video editor tool. They required full UI/UX implementation.
Addition of video editor tool: We built, deployed, and maintained a video editor tool on the already existing BMC WYSIWYG editor. We also made sure that the video editor components look like part of the current editor and do not come across as a new application.
Lack of pre-build video template library: There was a need for a video gallery module as it was impossible to update video content easily in the current system or export video in different formats.
Video Gallery module updated: We were able to add a video gallery that was easy to search and navigate and which allowed video elements to be added on canvas with the predefined properties. Exporting videos in different formats was made possible.
Limited Customization Clients were not able to edit or modify their artwork freely. The system lacked many customization options.
Enhanced customization: It was now possible to add and modify animations to the existing content. The modifications increased animation sequence, timings, visual customization, and movements.


Redefining Success for Bank Marketing Center with Uforia InfoTech!

User-friendly solution: We developed a solution that was user-friendly, responsive, and provides a pleasant user experience under all types of workloads.
High Availability rate: We developed a solution that scaled well under a higher workload, now had a high availability rate, and can recover from failures without loss of critical data.
Business Growth: The Bank marketing center witnessed an overall increase in its business growth.

Uforia Infotech Solutions with its skills, experience, and enthusiasm was able to develop an application and ensured that all essential components were in place. We were successful in delivering an optimized, engaging, and user-friendly experience. This project demonstrated how a strategic technological partnership can overcome hurdles, improve user experiences, and drive business growth.

How our services bring about success